3 Things That Create Happy Families

Thanksgiving Day (USA)

In an Angelus address two years ago, Pope Francis reflected that there were three simple things that families needed to be happier.  They were not eating, shopping and football! 

In fact, they weren't things at all. 

They were words that we needed to say to each other but that we easily forget to say: 

  • “Please”
  • ”I’m sorry”
  • “Thank you.”

What these words have in common is that they require two things that we often lose in our busy lives:  attention and reflection.  Sometimes we become so busy or anxious that we forget to stop and pay attention to the people and the world around us. 

Today, of all days, we give thanks for what we have through the grace of God.  Bl. Solanus Casey is renowned for encouraging people to “thank God ahead of time.” Yet contemporary and even belated thanks can have value, too, if not for God’s sake then for our own.—JC