A Different Kind of Revolution

Tuesday of Holy Week

We’ve become accustomed to think of revolutionaries in violent terms, with bombs in their hands, bandoliers across their chests and provocative slogans on their lips.  But the lives of people as diverse as the Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Harriet Tubman and Rachel Carson (the author of the environmental classic Silent Spring) and of course Jesus remind us that nonviolent revolutionaries—moved by love, a passion for justice and a devotion to liberating those who are heavily burdened and oppressed—can be even more powerful.  Yet because they also threatened the established order (political, social, cultural, economic or even religious) and hit people where it especially hurt—in the heart—they were met with criticism, attempts to discredit them, and even betrayal and mortal violence. 

That’s not a comfortable place to be in, but it’s where we’ll find Jesus and those who follow him.—JC