A Higher Standard of Care

There’s a difference between giving out of guilt and giving in a spirit of gratitude and generosity, between goaded into what others may see as a virtuous act and acting out of virtue.  Likewise, there’s a difference between tolerating my (real or perceived) enemies or persecutors and loving them as brothers and sisters and praying for their well-being.  As ambassadors of Christ and ministers of reconciliation (cf. 2 Cor. 5:17-20), we are called to something deeper than civility.

Today is World Refugee Day, a time to recommit ourselves to respect the human rights and needs of the millions of people who are fleeing poverty, warfare, domestic violence, discrimination and persecution.  They seek at the very least survival, and they hope for better lives for themselves and their families.  Many of them are vulnerable to human trafficking and other forms of economic and sexual exploitation and many also face racist and xenophobic resistance to their immigration much less their integration into other nations. 

Hippocrates, the great physician, counseled those he taught to “Do no harm.”  Jesus, the Divine Physician, invites us to live and treat everyone with a higher standard of care:  love. –JC