A Simple and Timeless Mission


St. Benedict of Nursia

Matthew 9:32-38

The core of the Church’s mission is summarized in today’s gospel passage.  Following the example of Jesus, we his disciples are called to teach, proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom, and share God’s healing grace and mercy with others, especially those who are “troubled and abandoned.”  This is our common vocation, regardless of our particular vocations as single people, spouses and parents, consecrated religious or members of the clergy.  St. Benedict, whose feast we celebrate today, lived it by establishing monasticism in the West.  His Rule sought to make the monastery as the school is which this mission would be purified and nurtured through a simple life of work, prayer and community. 

Everything the Church does today, from our liturgical celebrations and the administration of the sacraments to the corporal works of mercy, should flow from that same simple mission of Jesus.  If we are true to that mission, the Church will continue to grow and people will be amazed, no matter what the critics may say. —JC