Do Not Be Afraid

Luke 1:26-38


O Key of David,
opening the gates of God’s eternal Kingdom:
come and free the prisoners of darkness!

“Do not be afraid.”  No temas.

Those were the angel’s words to Mary and they are also God’s word to us.  We call her “the First Disciple” because she did in a unique way what we are all called to do:  she made a place for Christ to live in her.

This is a great gift of our baptism and an awesome responsibility.  It demands that we ask some fundamental questions:

Does Jesus live in me?

Like Mary, do I magnify the Lord, especially in my words and actions?

Mary was a young woman who was asked to do something extraordinary.  It disturbed her.  She had questions.  Yet she said, “Yes.  I am the servant of the Lord.” 

Mary trusted in the grace of God that was already in her.  That same grace of God is in us. Whether God asks us to do something extraordinary or something ordinary, may our response be the same as the response of Mary:  “Yes, Lord.  Yes, I can with your grace.”  Sí, Señor. Sí, puedo con tu gracia.—JC