Fr. Solanus’ Method

Author: Fr. Michael Sullivan, OFM Cap., Provincial Minister

What a privilege it was for me, personally, to stand at the side of Paula, the person who received the miracle through the intercession of Blessed Solanus. Paula is a very dear friend. Being able to be there to support her and accompany her at this moment was deeply moving for me.

The beatification of our brother Solanus is for me an opportunity to reflect on our vocations as disciples of Jesus and as Capuchin Friars. One of our friars spoke eloquently of imitating Solanus’ way of ministering to people: he answered the door, opened the door and his heart to everyone who came. He loved them, appreciated them, gave them all his attention. He prayerfully accompanied them in their sorrows, and God moved powerfully again and again in their lives. We friars can assume this same attitude toward all we meet each day. Even if you’re not a friar, no matter what your circumstances, you can remember Solanus’ method. Love people, show them kindness and respect, pray with and for them…and let God act. As we have seen in the example of Solanus, if we allow God in to our lives and into each situation, he acts powerfully. I pray for all the friars, and all who know and love Solanus, that our compassion for others deepen, as well as our joy in serving others.