How do we survive the storms of life?

St. Dominic
Numbers 12:1-3; Matthew 14:22-36

How do we survive the storms of life?  Jesus shows us:  with prayer, faith and a willingness to keep walking.

St. Dominic, a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi, followed Jesus' example.  He lived in a time of great turmoil in the church.  The church needed reform, but some believed the only way to reform the church was to destroy it and its leaders—the medieval equivalent of “We had to bomb the village in order to save it.” Dominic had a different answer:  knowing the Bible and the teachings of the church fathers, praying alone and with others, and living a Christian life with integrity.

There is a Latin saying:  ecclesia semper reformanda, “the church must always be reformed.”   As members of the body of Christ, part of a pilgrim church, we are ever in need of conversion.  Through the intercession of St. Dominic, may we also follow Jesus in truth and in charity.