Laying It All Out There

(St. Frances of Rome)

Esther C:12, 14-16, 23-35; Matthew 7:7-12


We often admire people who at least appear to “lay it all out there” or “tell it like it is.”  Esther did that in her prayer for her fellow Jews, who faced genocide instigated by a vain official who couldn’t understand and despised their allegiance to their faith and their God.  She—a queen—and those with her prostrated themselves as she prayed before God, asking for mercy, protection and justice.  Yet Jesus reminds us that we need not reserve such honesty and directness before God for times of desperation.  Every day we can ask, seek and knock.  God, who loves us and already knows us intimately (see Psalm 139), understands what we need and wants to give it to us.  In prayers of petition we simply “own it”—and ourselves.—JC