Mindful Gratitude

St. John XXIII

Jonah 4:1-11; Luke 11:1-14; Job 1:21, 2:10b (Lauds)

While I was stretching after my workout this morning, I listened to radio reports of people in Puerto Rico still struggling to get electrical service after Hurricane Maria and others in Northern California who have lost virtually everything they have in the wildfires there.  People in Kenya and Spain are in times of political uncertainty and conflict.  The Rohingya people of Myanmar languish in refugee camps in Bangladesh.  It all makes whatever troubles I have seem quite trivial.  It also reminds me that I can take so much for granted and even develop a sense of entitlement.

In Luke’s more abbreviated version, the Lord’s Prayer includes the plea: “Give us each day our daily bread.”  Each day is an opportunity for me to be grateful for the things that I need and have:  food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, a loving family and friends, a healthy Capuchin fraternity, a ministry, electricity, heat…the list can go on and on.  Today and each day is a chance to be more mindful and grateful to God, the ultimate source of all that is good and life-giving. —JC