Sobering Up

St. Bruno, Bl. Mary Rose Durochers

Baruch 1:15-22; Luke 10:13-16


Listen. Be mindful. 

These are the things that today’s rather sobering readings call us to do.  Too often it’s only when we face some kind of tragedy or loss like the recent carnage in Las Vegas that we stop and take stock of our lives and the things that are really important. 

Yet even in those times we can resist.  After all, who wants to ponder things like sin, suffering, judgment, exile and punishment?  It’s easier to allow ourselves to be distracted, and technology is making it increasingly easy and rewarding.  But just like older forms of anesthetization, these things can only mask the pain of what’s really going on.  Eventually we need to deal with it. 

Contemplation and meditation can help keep us focused on the pain of our sinfulness—not for its own sake but to move us to change.—JC