Jubilees of Profession of Vows and First Profession of Vows

On Friday, July 20, 4pm, please join us as we celebrate the first vows of our brothers, Baudry Metangmo and Jose Vera at St. Lawrence Seminary, the founding site of the Capuchin Franciscans in North America. We will also celebrate the various milestone jubilees of our senior friars as well. Discerners, candidates, Capuchin supporters, and family of our brothers are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP by July 12 at 5 PM CST.  

75 Years
Ambrose Simon
70 Years
Jerome Higgins 
Richard Hart
65 Years
Paul Hanisko
Glen Gessner
Isidore Herriges
Martin Pable
60 Years
John Kocian 
Lawrence Abler
Kenneth Smits
Edward Hagman
Paul Reichling
Robert Wheelock
50 Years
John Willger 
Carl Schaefer 
Wally Kasuboski 
David Preuss
40 Years
TL Michael Auman
Michael Sullivan
Neal Plale

If you would like to sit with a particular jubilarian please email: pgardner@thecapuchins.org