Milwaukee 53206 Screening

Please join us on Sunday, April 2, 2017, 2 PM at St. Francis of Assisi Church, 1927 N. Fourth Street, Milwaukee, WI to view a screening of MILWAUKEE 53206 which Milwaukee Public Radio calls, “a powerful new documentary.” 

MILWAUKEE 53206 tells the story of those affected by mass incarceration in America’s most incarcerated ZIP code, 53206 where 62% of adult men have spent time in prison. Through the powerful journeys of Beverly Walker, Dennis Walton and Chad Wilson, we witness how incarceration has shaped their lives, their families and their community. These intimate stories reveal how a community fights to move forward even as a majority of its young men end up in prison. The film examines how decades of poverty, unemployment, and a lack of opportunity has contributed to the crisis of mass incarceration in this community and communities across the nation. 

Following the screening, we will have a panel discussion and Q&A with representatives from the WISDOM, MAPT, and TABLE of the SAINTS organizations to share our thoughts, views and what we can now do to support the children, parents and families affected by mass incarceration.

Please email your RSVP by March 30 to secure your spot for this important screening event.

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