Enrollment Information

The Capuchin Mission/Seraphic Mass Association shares its support with Capuchin Franciscan friars in developing countries throughout the world.

The spiritual gift of enrolling a loved one in the Association is ideal for:

  • The celebration of a special occasion
  • A remembrance of a deceased love one,
  • An expression of sympathy

How do you enroll?  Please 1) send us the name of the person(s) you wish to enroll, 2) whether the person is living or deceased.

A family enrollment is also available. 

Enroll online or mail your enrollment information to:

Capuchin Mission Office
1820 Mt. Elliott St.
Detroit MI 48207

You can e-mail us at missions@thecapuchins.org

You can call us at 313-579-2100, Ext. 1150 - during office hours.

The Capuchin friars thank you for your support.