Celebration of First Vows and Jubilees

The Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph will welcome friars into the order as they profess their first vows. At the same, time we will celebrate the jubilees of religious life of these friars:

25 Years

  • Br. Steve Kropp, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Jerome Johnson, OFM Cap.

40 Years

  • Br. Mark Joseph Costello, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Randall Knauf, OFM Cap.

60 Years

  • Br. James Leary, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Raymond Meier, OFM Cap.
  • Bishop Paul Schmitz, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Jerome Schroeder, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Tom Zelinski, OFM Cap.

65 Years

  • Br. Larry Abler, OFM Cap.
  • Br. Edward Hagman, OFM Cap.
  • Br. David Reichling, OFM Cap.

70 Years:

  • Br. Isidore Herriges, OFM Cap.