St. Bonaventure Eucharistic Mission Band

The EUCHARISTIC MISSION BAND (EMB) is a Third-Order Franciscan apostolate founded in 1917. This dedicated group of volunteers provides free vestments and other items for liturgical services for the Capuchin Mission field in over five continents.

Upon request, the EMB sews:

  •     Vestments

  •     Altar cloths

  •     Purificators

  •     Corporals

  •     Deacon Stoles

  •     Banners

  •     Burial robes for Third-Order members

  •     Various special order items

100% of proceeds from the work of the EMB (over cost) is donated to the Capuchin Missions.

The Eucharistic Mission Band's Vestments:

  • Vestments can be ordered as memorials for a deceased loved one in lieu of flowers. Each vestment includes a tag memorializing the person. Sample vestments may be displayed at the funeral home.

  • Vestments may also be purchased for the special intentions of a loved one such as a birthday or anniversary.

  • Vestments may be sent to the Capuchin Missions or to a priest of your choice.

The EMB also sews items for any priest, deacon or parish, at home or in the missions who are in need of vestments or liturgical linens. There may be a small cost for these items.

To learn more, contact the Mission Band Office at 313.579.2100, Ext 1138. Please call on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9:30 am and 2:00 PM, est. Or email [email protected]