Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys

Capuchin Friar Martin Pable, well known author and speaker, has announced the publication of his latest book, Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys.

Men are spiritual beings, just as women are. Fr. Marty fills the gap in spirituality publications with this book geared towards men. Recently facilitating a program to a group of men, he became aware that they were connecting with the Biblical stories about men. They discussed their own experiences as men striving to live spiritually in an increasingly secular world. He heard some hesitation when they spoke of the Bible. The group wanted to understand the Bible better, but didn’t always understand what was going on. Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys examines eleven men from the Bible and breaks down what these great men can teach us today.

  • Abraham, the flawed father of our faith
  • Jacob, a case study of the male journey
  • Joseph, a model of reconciliation
  • Moses, a spiritual-political leader
  • David, from greatness to failure and back again
  • Elijah, a prophet who wouldn’t give up
  • Jeremiah, a man unbeaten by depression and failure
  • John the Baptist, a man without ego
  • Joseph of Nazareth, a man for our times
  • Peter, more heart than rock
  • Paul, a man who caught the fire

Questions for reflection and discussion follow each chapter.
Fr. Marty uses a new contemporary translation, The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition by Eugene Peterson, to make these great men come to life in new ways.

Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys is published by ACTA,, ISBN 978-0-87946-995-5; 210 pages; $18.95


Listen to Capuchin Friar Martin Pable on Relevant Radio's Morning Air Show discussing his new book. Listen to the interview starting at 30 minutes.