A Question of Priorities

Luke 12:13-21 
Where is our treasure?  What is our treasure? Who is our treasure? In today’s parable, Jesus confronts us with those questions.

The answers are revealed not in what we say but in more practical ways:  in how we spend our money, how we spend our time, and who or what gets our attention.

  • If I spend 15 minutes in prayer each day and 5 hours watching television, that tells me all that I need to know about my priorities. 
  • If I put a dollar in the collection basket and spend ten dollars on lottery tickets, that is also a statement. 
  • If I come to God in prayer only when I need or want something, that is a reflection on our relationship: it’s not healthy!

The rich fool invested his time, money and attention in building bigger barns and providing more security for himself.  His sudden death revealed that was not a good investment.

Every good thing that we have, every blessing that we receive comes from God.  May we be good stewards of what we have received.