Mission Statement

Our charism is focused on Transforming the World through Reverence. 

Our Mission:  Inspired by the gospel of Jesus and the example of Francis of Assisi, the Capuchin friars of the Province of Saint Joseph, together with our partners in ministry, prayerfully build sister-brotherhood in the world.  We attend simply and directly to the spiritual and other basic human needs, especially those of the poor and disenfranchised, promoting justice for all.

Our Mission/Vision/Values are rooted in the following six values:

Hospitality:  Creating a safe and welcoming environments where the gifts of all are cherished

Partnering:  Sharing gifts and responsibility to fulfill a common mission

Joyful Service:  Respectfully addressing people'sneeds, transforming us all

Justice for all Creation:  Building peace by treating all creation fairly and promoting structural change for a more just order

Compassion:  Unconditionally embracing people and loving them with heart and mind

Empowerment:  Encouraging people to realize and respect their own dignity and potential.

A PDF of our Mission Vision Values Statement can be downloaded here