¿Cuanto cuesta?

Jeremiah 15:10, 16-21; Matthew 13:45-46

One of the first phrases I learned in Spanish was, ¿Cuanto cuesta? or “How much does it cost?”

Today Jesus answers that question about living in the reign of God and being part of the kingdom of heaven:  “How much does it cost?”


Living as the people of God in the kingdom of God demands that we give God everything:

our minds and hearts, our hands and feet, our wills.

Saint Alphonsus experienced this.  His family opposed his vocation, but he pursued it anyway.

The Church changed his rule of life after he had personally written and approved it.  But he was humble and obedient and accepted the changes.  At the same time, he never let go of his singular desire to witness to the redeeming love and power of Jesus. 

We pray for the grace of God to seek the kingdom of God and, like St. Alphonsus, to show others the way of love and understanding.—JC