Radical Hospitality on Holy Thursday of the Easter Triduum

Ex. 12:1-8, 11-14; 1 Cor.11-23-26; Jn. 13:1-20

Like Peter, I don’t want Jesus to wash my feet.  They’re too ugly.   My toes are crooked.  Some of my nails are rough.  My heels are dry. 

But Jesus insists.  He gives me a gift of radical hospitality and humility.  He washes my feet, but he also cleanses my soul. 

Today we begin the holiest three days of the Church year, the Easter Triduum. We give thanks that God has passed over our sins and has liberated us from slavery to them.  We share the bread and cup of thanksgiving for the loving sacrifice of Jesus. 

During the Mass of the Lord’s Supper the priest washes the feet of 12 members of the local church community.  As he does, we commit ourselves—each of us—to become people and a church of more humble service, greater hospitality and deeper compassion.—JC