Staying Connected

St. Rita of Cascia

Acts 15:1-6; John 15:1-8

As I write this post, I’m out of town and experiencing “issues” with my computer.  After a couple of days of working quite well, my wi-fi has gone funky on me and I have lost my network connection.  Even more frustrating, the lost connection happened just as I was nearing the end of a longer e-mail to coordinate that set-up of an event at our parish.

It’s a pain to not be connected.  Jesus reminds us that it can even be deadly: “Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me.” 

Staying connected is essential, but it’s not automatic.  It takes time and effort.  Our relationships suffer when we aren’t intentional about making the time and doing the things that are necessary to build and maintain them.  Our relationship with the Lord is no different.

When I feel myself drifting spiritually or I’m prone to feeling depressed or easily frustrated or irritated, it can usually be traced to some neglect in my prayer life.  I’ve cut back on times of meditation, contemplation or spiritual reading.  I’ve arrived at morning or evening prayer or Mass only moments before they were to begin and have found myself easily distracted. 

Whether spiritually or electronically, being disconnected is no fun.  But the consequences of the former are much greater than the latter.  Jesus, help me to stay connected to you, the True Vine. –JC