Taking Offense

St. John Bosco

Mark 6:1-6

Mark’s gospel says it with brutal simplicity:  “They took offense at him.”

The people of Jesus rejected him and his message.


They thought they knew him. They knew his family. They knew what kind of work he had. They had seen him grow up.

But this Jesus who came back to them was different. He did not conform to his expectations.

Sometimes we can also reject Jesus because it does not fit our expectations, desires or demands. Our political allegiances can be stronger than our faith in the gospel. We stick to our habits, even the bad ones, because they seem too difficult to change. As King David sought in his taking of the census, we seek control and security instead of placing our faith in God and God's will.

Thankfully, we do know Jesus. But he knows us even better. The word of God asks us to put our faith in Jesus as he is and to allow his grace and mercy to transform us.