The Body of Christ

St. Joseph of Cupertino

1 Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31; Luke 7:11-17


Power Together

“The Body of Christ.”

How many times have we heard those words? 

They remind us of the communion we receive.

They also remind us of the communion we are:

            We are the body of Christ.

            We are the church.

            We are what we receive.


In our first reading, St. Paul uses the image of the body

            to describe our unity and our diversity as God’s people.

We share a common baptism,

            but we all have different gifts and roles in the church. 

Every gift can be used for the glory of God

            and the service of God’s people. 

Every role is essential

            to build our community

            and to fulfill the mission that God gives us.


This Saturday we will celebrate our Fiesta Mexica

            at our parish here in Chicago.

I’ve volunteered to be un ingeniero sanitario,

            “a sanitary engineer” or janitor.

I hope that

            in the midst of sweeping, wiping, mopping and emptying trash,

            I will remember to pause for a moment

                        and remember all of our volunteers. 

            They do many different things,

                        yet we share a common mission.


When Jesus healed the only son of the widow at Nain,

            he gave a man back to his mother. 

But he also gave a man back to his community. 

We may not have the power to raise the dead,

            but do have the power

                        to restore and strengthen families, our community,

                                    and yes, our church.

Jesus had that power in his hands,

            and he has given it to us…together.


We are what we eat:  the body of Christ. –JC