The Demands of Freedom

Independence Day (USA)
St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Amos 5:14-15, 21-24; Matthew 8:28-34

The Demands of Freedom

For many people, today is simply a day of vacation. For others it is a day of patriotism. But we know that not all patriotism is good. He can possess us as surely as a demon. It can cause us to turn against our brothers and sisters, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

God asks more of us.

Prophets like Amos condemned the injustice and exploitation of the poor, especially when it was done in the name of power and freedom.  Whether we were born in the United States or came from another country, we are called to be

            a people of compassion, not oppression,

            a people of peace and not violence,

            a people of love and not hate,

            a people who understand that the freedom we have

                        is a gift from God.

By the grace of God, we can use our freedom to serve others.—JC