Tough Questions for Tough Times

Destruction. Wars and insurrection. False prophets. Who wants to think about such things?

But we must. They are part of our reality today. They have always been part of our world and the human condition.

Both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of the Apocalypse were written after a very significant event in the life of the early church. In the year 70, after years of rebellion by the Jews, the Roman Army destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the Temple.  

It was a time of great crisis. Some also considered it a time of judgment for those who had rejected Jesus. However, Luke and the John did not remember these events so that the members of the church would sit in judgment over others. 

They wanted them to look at themselves. Were they prepared? Were they ready to face the challenges of their own time? Were they ready to live their faith, even in the face of persecution and death?

These are timeless questions.  How will we answer them today? –JC