Trusting in Jesus

Today we complete the Novena of Divine Mercy.  At the bottom of the image are these words: “Jesus, I trust in you,” in Spanish, "Jesús, confío en ti".

St. Stephen placed his trust in Jesus.  Those who opposed Jesus accused Stephen of blasphemy, but Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit.  He would not retreat.  In our daily lives and in our work as missionary disciples, do we have that same trust in Jesus? 

I find that the more I place my trust in Jesus, I have more peace and I am less anxious about my ministry.  But when I place too much emphasis on things like personal recognition or comfort, then I have problems.  Stephen completely surrendered to God’s will.  He died as a martyr but he also died in peace, surrendering his spirit to God, and was able to forgive his enemies (Acts 7:59-60)—just like Jesus.

Jesus tells us to work for the food that gives us eternal life (John 6:27).  We share that food at this altar when we celebrate the Eucharist.  It is that food that helps us to believe in him and follow him like Stephen and all the saints.

Jesus, we trust in you.  You are the Bread of Life. Jesús, confiamos en ti. Tú eres el Pan de la Vida. –JC