Two H’s

Memorial of St. Jerome, Priest and Doctor

Zechariah 8:1-8; Luke 9:46-50

God’s word today invites us to hope and humility.

It is hard to live without hope. When the people of Israel returned to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile, they found a city that had been destroyed and neglected. Through the grace of God and the assistance of generations of kings of Persia, they rebuilt their city and their temple.

The temple was especially important. It was the symbol of their covenant with God and their identity as a people. Rebuilding the temple was difficult, but rebuilding their covenant with God was even more difficult. They sometimes felt like giving up. But through prophets like Zechariah, God gave them a vision of hope. That hope sustained them and enabled them to persevere.

When we place our faith and hope in God, we also grow in humility. We do not worry about being the greatest in earthly terms. Instead we strive to be the greatest in service and compassion. Jesus invited his disciples to turn their attention toward the most innocent and vulnerable among them, children, and to serve them.

Today we pray for the grace to grow in the virtues of hope and humility. –jc