Fratelli Tutti Study Guide

The third encyclal from Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, was published on October 3, 2020. The title and opening words of the Holy Father's encyclical letter come from St. Francis of Assisi, borrowing the language that Francis of Assisi used in addressing his brothers and sisters.

Franciscan Media published a study guide for each chapter of Fratelli Tutti, including a chapter written by Br. Bill Hugo, OFM Cap., a member of the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph. The guide is well-suited for individual study, parish study groups, formation programs, and secular Franciscan fraternities.

  1. Fratelli Tutti Study Guide Introduction
  2. Chapter 1 – Dark Clouds Over A Closed World
  3. Chapter 2 – A Stranger on the Road
  4. Chapter 3 – Envisaging and Engendering an Open World
  5. Chapter 4 – A Heart Open to the Whole World
  6. Chapter 5 – A Better Kind of Politics
  7. Chapter 6 – Dialogue and Friendship in Society
  8. Chapter 7 – Paths of Renewed Encounter
  9. Chapter 8 – Religions at the Service