Upcoming Events

Blessing of the Sick Service

St. Francis of Assisi Parish will be offering a monthly Blessing of the Sick Service, celebrated for many years in Detroit in commemoration of Venerable Fr. Solanus Casey, OFM Capuchin.

The Blessing of the Sick Service addresses the widespread need for many kinds of healing in people’s lives. It will incorporate Scripture, prayers of intercession and thanksgiving, a blessing with a relic of the True Cross, and Communion. This Blessing has ancient roots in the Church, dating back to the 6th century abbot, Saint Maurus.

My Name Is…

Inspired by Capuchin Friar Brother Vince Reyes’ 2007 book, My Name Is, St. Blase director of music, Stephen Petrunak, will be presenting an evening of music, stories, and challenge that face those who are hungry and poor, some homeless, in our communities.

Solanus Casey Center’s Lenten Series: Do You Believe?

During this time of prayer and fasting, we invite you to reflect on our Baptismal Promises in preparation for Easter. Join us for our Lenten Series every Wednesday from February 25 - April 1.

Women at the Well

Come just as you are!
Hear the Spirit call.
Come and see.
Come receive. 

These are the words of the opening song for the Women at the Well prayer group at Capuchin Retreat. Just as Mary and the women of Nazareth gathered at the well to draw water for nourishment and to socialize and share their life stories, so too do we gather to listen, to share and to pray, nourishing our souls as sisters in Christ. Life is challenging and we all need time to re-energize.