We need to remember Solanus' love of our Blessed Mother

In this month of Mary, it's only right that we spend time trying to develop for ourselves something of his love for Our Lady.  Sally McCuen, from the Center's staff, will lead us. We will begin at Noon with a simple lunch and conclude by 2:30 PM. 

Please RSVP below or by phone 313.579.2100 ext. 149.




The Solanus Center & Fr. Solanus Guild Presents:

"Remembering Fr. Solanus" Series

We welcome you to our seven month period of prayerful “remembering.” The series will culminate July 31, 2017, the 60th anniversary of Father Solanus’ death. At his funeral, nearly 20,000 people came to the little chapel of St. Bonaventure’s not only to pay their respects, but to beg for his now-heavenly intercession. The city of Detroit, where he died and had spent most of his years of ministry, decreed a day of mourning.

On the first Saturday of every month, from December through June, we will present a 2 1/2 hour prayerful “remembering” of our Capuchin Brother Solanus. The sessions will begin at noon in the Center with a simple lunch and conclude by 2:30. 

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